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Hello, and welcome to my portfolio! My name is Garrett, and I am a game designer from South Florida. I enjoy game mechanic design, story/lore writing, world/universe building, level design, and rapid prototyping.

I'm a graduate of Indian River State College, where I learned about art, 3D modeling, animation, and programming, as well as game design practice. I was a member of the IRSC Game Design And Development Club which taught me team work as well as the Construct 2 engine, which I ended up using to build my first complete game, I Hate Red Squares. Since graduationg, I have been working on my own games, as well as helping with design, development, and marketing of games with the indie mobile games company Astro Crow Games.

Before becoming an independent game designer, I worked as a project manager and technical writer for an internet marketing software company. Aside from writing and developing all of the software training materials, I helped manage in-development software, which included meeting iteration deadlines as well as coming up with new features to add after launch.

Years before working on internet marketing software, I was office manager for an internet marketing firm, where I learned about marketing and business. I spent most of my days managing multiple campaigns as well as the employees in the office.

In my free time I enjoy playing video games, producing music, reading, and writing.

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